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The Coorg Region


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Our Family and Coffee

My husband and I moved to the US as graduate students in 2001 and are now working professionals. We are from the coffee-growing region-Coorg in India and our parents and in-laws own neighboring coffee estates. After our last visit to India in 2017, we decided it was the right time to get into the restaurant business and introduce Indian coffee- brewed the Indian way, and we decided to source from our parents and in-laws coffee plantations.

The Coorg Region

Where is Coorg? Coorg is a small district in the state of Karnataka in Southwest India. Coorg is the largest producer of coffee in India. Coorg is a dreamland beyond belief- located amidst imposing mountains, dense forests, mist kissed coffee plantations and valleys. Coorg has cooler temps throughout the year. The unique food, folks, culture and hospitality make it an ideal summer retreat Coorg is the place to be for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike: trekking, biking, golf – the possibilities are endless!


Our Coffee Plantation

Our coffee plantation in Coorg is about 8 miles from Madikeri which is the district headquarters of Coorg. Robusta and Arabica coffee beans shade-grown at altitudes 3500-5700 ft above sea level alongside orange, teak, sandalwood and other exotic trees in the most organic way.  Ripe coffee cherries are handpicked and sun-dried in the front yard. Elephants are even regular visitors to our coffee plantations.