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Coorg Coffee and Regional Indian Cuisine

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Coorg Coffee

Coorg Indian Cafe is our dedication to our native region “Coorg” also known as “Kodagu” district, where we are originally from in southern India.Coffee is grown only in few parts of Southern India and predominantly in Coorg, at 4000 feet above sea level in the most organic way. All coffee plants grow under the shade of grand and exotic rosewood, sandalwood, teak, silver oak trees and fruit bearing jackfruit and orange trees. The coffee also grows alongside a variety of spice plants - pepper, cardamom, vanilla and this contributes to the unique coffee flavor. The beans are handpicked, sorted and sun-dried.The coffee we are offering at Coorg Indian Café is of single origin and since it is grown by our immediate family, we have absolute control on the quality of the bean.We artfully roast the coffee beans to perfection in smaller batches so you can enjoy the magical aroma and taste of Coorg coffee.

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Coorg Cuisine

The Coorg clan is famous for good food and good liquor. Coorg cuisine is primarily non-vegetarian and goes back to the times when our ancestors hunted for wild boar, and birds. Meat features in most traditions of the Coorg culture – in the offerings made to ancestors before a feast, in the baby shower for an expectant mother, and in all festivals and ceremonies related to birth, marriage and death. Local and seasonal produce grown on fields between the coffee plantations also have a significant place on the Coorg table.

The cuisine at Coorg Indian Café are authentic and made from recipes traditionally passed on for generations and true to the Coorg culture; the flavors are natural, spices are fresh.

Coorg food is unique, folks are unique and traditions are unique. With our restaurant we want to bring a unique Coorg experience to y’all which is second to none!

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